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About Us

Live a Healthier Lifestyle With Help From a Registered Dietitian

Capital Area Medical Nutrition Associates PLLC is a private practice established in 2008. We provide nutrition education, diet counseling, and other services. Under the leadership of our CEO Meiling Assue, are committed to helping our patients achieve their wellness goals.

About Meiling Assue

Meiling is a licensed and registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). She has been our CEO for more than 11 years. Meiling brings a wealth of experience to the company, with her years spent working in a hospital, a community, a university, and in private practice.

Educational Background

Meiling earned two Bachelor of Science degrees—one in Food and Nutrition from Morgan State University and another in Nutrition and Dietetics from Howard University. She also has a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from Howard University where she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis on community nutrition.

Professional Work


Meiling has taught Intro to Dietetics and Medical Nutrition Therapy at Howard University. She also supervised interns through their various rotations at Howard University Hospital.

Medical Nutrition Practice

As a registered dietitian, Meiling has seen thousands of patients who come to her from near and far. Some would even wait as much as six months just to get an appointment with her. Meiling also provides nutritional counseling in the community or at her practice

Public Speaking

As a community dietitian/nutritionist, she does public speaking to both large groups and smaller informal groups. Meiling discusses different topics such as health awareness and the nutritional impact on overall health and well-being through the life cycle.


Our CEO has an amazing knowledge base on nutrition and health. Her presentations are always highly informative and hinged with some measure of comedic value, where she generally uses herself as a platform for the jokes.